Some of S2D physical disk drives in Transient error

I was not actively involved in managing our production Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) infrastructure for few weeks now, but this weekend I was asked to help with an issue and through this I again learned a lot new. Some of my findings I want to share here with you.

Story leading to error…

This weekend was reserved for patching production S2D servers (Windows server 2016 RTM – core) with several patches out of 2018-04 bundle (KB4093119, KB4093120 and KB4093137; ##update# Error is not bound to this April CU only and has been seen earlier.##). Prior doing this, we also updated Firmware versions on our Cisco UCS servers. YES, this are the same servers I had trouble connecting to few days ago and I blogged about solution here.

It all started easy and first (out of 6) server was updated without a glitch. There was also no troubles for StorageJobs to complete and all S2D volumes were up and healthy. OK. Time to go to second server… Here all updates also had no trouble to install.

Trouble with Physical drives…

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Restarting unavailable Cisco IMC without to power off whole server

It happened to me already several times, that Cisco IMC console was unavailable after several days of not using it. It cannot be accessed via Web Browser (as if page would not exist) or via CIMC supervisor, as you can see it in screenshot below.Cisco IMC from some servers is not connected

The simplest solution to this is, to power server off, pull all the plugs, wait for some seconds and give server a chance for a new start.

…but there is also a better and less destructive way

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