Restarting unavailable Cisco IMC without to power off whole server

It happened to me already several times, that Cisco IMC console was unavailable after several days of not using it. It cannot be accessed via Web Browser (as if page would not exist) or via CIMC supervisor, as you can see it in screenshot below.Cisco IMC from some servers is not connected

The simplest solution to this is, to power server off, pull all the plugs, wait for some seconds and give server a chance for a new start.

…but there is also a better and less destructive way

I suspect, that also you do not like to restart whole server if BMC (in this case Cisco IMC) becomes unavailable. Firstly I tried, if my CIMC is still available on the network (ping should do it, even though there are also more modern approaches as mentioned here).Is Cisco IMC still available on Network?

Since it was, I tried connecting over SSH to CIMC…SSH connection to Cisco IMC

For connection itself, I used admin username and password I defined when setting up CIMC for the first time.

Once I was in SSH session, fast searching reveled, that only 2 commands are needed to reboot BMC controller itself…

only 2 commands are needed

After confirmation, I lost network connectivity and after minute or so, connectivity was restored.Cisco IMC is restarted and available on network again

At this point I could already login to Web console of CIMC, while Cisco IMC Supervisor still needed 2 small steps:

  • Pressing “Test connection” buttonclick Test Connection
  • …and submitting actual Submit
…and voila…

Our Cisco IMC supervisor was able to reconnect to server and server is also available through Web interface.connection is restored

Stay curious and never miss an opportunity to learn something new!

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