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Some history…

Not very long time ago, I started with my first few articles at I had pretty good feedback from my pears and I want to keep on doing this. In last 20 years (is it really already so long !?), I have been working in IT actually all the time. Besides my professional life, I was also dedicating a vast amount of my free time to IT related topics, listening to hundreds of hours of online webinars and expanding my knowledge on actual technology.

Why new site for my blogs…

Cxncel community (pronounced as cancel) is very close to me and next to SloWUG, THE best technical community in Slovenia. But as it turned out, I am not only IT geek, where IT is following him in the morning, at a work place, on the drive to/from job and actually all day around. I am also a parent, colleague, friend and a bit of a philosopher. And exactly this other themes have limited me from blogging as much as I would like. I do not think, that my friends and colleagues at Cxncel would like, if I would publish an article on technological site about a book I have read or something interesting that happened to me privately. So, since I am eager to write also about IT unrelated topics, there was only one option left to me… To start a blog site, that is my own and where I can write about what ever topic is going around my head at the moment and would not look out of place.

And what now? How will this go on?

Those people, whom I had pleasure to meet, already know, that I like a challenge. When I am having a presentation, I always look to engage audience into thinking, ask them questions and am also very happy when I get a question. So let me put it this way…

I am challenging you all, to challenge me with your questions, throw me a bone, express your agreement or disagreement about the articles I am writing here or something unrelated as well if you think appropriate. Who knows, maybe it will be YOU who will get a whole article written in your honor.

Until then, there is no winter for questions and learning, so….

Stay curious and never stop learning…

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